Lowest price guarantee: We guarantee you always be charged the lowest price per night on our homepage. As this is our own homepage and there is no intermediary, we can guarantee you 100% that you are always paying the lowest rate, if you book with us directly. Choose the currency you prefer and profit from our lowest rate.

Customer satisfaction guarantee: We guarantee you always be reachable for you 24/7. We wish to have happy and satisfied guests and are ready to go beyond borders to make your stay a perfect one. We are ready to answer all your questions and help you with sightseeing tips around Dubai and UAE. Just let us know.

Service comfort guarantee: We guarantee you always providing an outstanding service in our apartments. We want our guests to feel like at home and offer perfectly maintained and clean apartments with TV/DVD, wifi, fully equiped kitchen, fresh bed linen, towels and bath amenities. A house manual will be waiting for you in the apartment providing you with valuable information about the apartment, the building amenities and Dubai.